About Us

Made by Vegans, for Vegans

My relationship with food & body: I’ve been through a space of strict diet, restrictions in search of my own perfect body. I also went to the extreme, generously indulging myself because I wanted to seize my every day. When I stumbled upon the Vegan lifestyle, it changed my life forever, and today my importance has shifted. Its still difficult to, but I want to see myself my body as a home. A place that I live in, that helps me get through my every day with strength and tenacity.

While we indulge, we care a lot about what we feed ourselves, our loved ones, and our community that we are now responsible for ensuring that they receive the best! This is where we discovered veganism is the healthiest diet anyone can lead, so we brought our dietary revelation into cakes!

In essence, after the discovery of Veganism, we found the diet we can love and enjoy for the rest of our lives because beyond just numbers on our scale, this diet improved our health tremendously, a result that wasn’t our original intention, but we are so glad that it happened and taught us the most important lesson of all – Love yourself fiercely. No amount of weight loss, fancy clothes or cute partners can make us feel better about ourselves. It needs to start with us. Loving ourselves is the foundation of our life, and it is our power to do so.

Veganism taught us so much, and we wanted to share it with the people we love. Because we are bakers, and baking is what we do best, how we show our love and care and values best, we have decided to do it through cakes
- That Vegan Cake
All our love,
Darren & Jia Min